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If you are looking for options that compliment your Locavore Box, look no further. Our produce box and protein adds will not only help you eat more local food, they also help those folks that want to feed more people or want more leftovers to enjoy for lunch.

Our produce and meat are also carefully curated to deliver you the best local food of the season. {Remember, in the dead of winter we do reach a little further than our local community for produce to ensure you receive a little more variety, but when we do this we always ensure the food is certified organic}

We also believe that if you are going to eat meat, make sure it is the best meat available. We work with local Ranchers, Fisherman and Butchers to ensure this is true. 

Each week we curate additional proteins that would work well to add to your Locavore Box. This week enjoy:

Produce Box
A collection of roughly 8-10 items including a seasonal fruit.

Protein Adds
Pasture Raised Eggs (1dz)

Milk (2%-1/2gal)

Skiyou Farm Ground Beef (1lb)

Seafood Producers Co-op
Coho Salmon (18oz)

Jack Mountain Meats Sunday Bacon (1lb)