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Our Chef Prepped meals are now all freezable! 
Want to plan ahead for a special occasion, or think a meal sounds delicious but you're not sure if you will be around to eat it immediately, or this week, or this month...
Just put it in the freezer and it will be there ready when you are. 

All of ACME Farms + Kitchen's prepared food are still made from the highest quality local, seasonal ingredients - And now they're designed to survive the freezer!

We've done most of the work for you by making soups, marinades, dressings, sauces etc. All you have to do is some assembly and heating.

One Freezer meal feeds 3-4 people. All the sauces and base items are prepared for you! (Some things - like meat which we must deliver frozen - cannot be prepared ahead, meaning you'll still have a little work to do in the kitchen, but family and guests will be impressed at the complexity of the meal you suddenly whipped together and at your incredible skills as a saucier!) 
Freezer Meal 1 – Pecorino Polenta with Beef + Mushroom Bolognese
Crispy oven-baked pecorino polenta squares topped with a classic Bolognese ragu made with ground beef and cremini mushrooms, topped with grated pecorino romano cheese

Freezer Meal 2 – Butternut + Apple Bisque 
A smooth puree of winter squash and apples laced with leeks and cream, served with a cider gastrique drizzle and spicy roasted pipits

Roasted Cauliflower with Pickled Grapes
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Pickled Grapes, Roasted Caulifower, Lacinato Kale, Smoky Roasted Almonds, Creamy Lemon + Mustard Dressing