We started ACME Farms + Kitchen in 2011 with a simple mission - to make access to local food easier. As busy working moms of toddlers, we found ourselves searching for a simple way to get clean, local food into our homes without having to haul our little ones around to farms, grocery stores, and the farmers' market. Our online shop was launched with a collection of the tastiest local food we could find in our region and allowed members to shop online for products from multiple farms, bakeries, creameries and other artisan producers. While our website made it easy for folks to shop online and have access to amazing local food, we soon came to realize that there was one crucial piece still missing. Buying only seasonal, local food brought with it a change in the way we were cooking and eating. We were discovering new vegetables, learning about different cuts of meat, using dried beans and, on a whole, cooking more from scratch. It became clear that we were in need of guidance in the form of recipes, meal plans and kitchen tips. We figured if the rest of our customers were like us, they were in the same boat. And with that, the Locavore Box was born! Today, our Locavore Boxes contain a carefully curated array of fresh, local, seasonal food paired with recipes and a meal plan to turn our region's bounty into dinner for your family. Order online each week and have a beautiful box of local food delivered to your doorstep. You'll cut out trips to the store, save money on your grocery bill, answer the question of "what's for dinner?" and most importantly, support dozens of farmers, fishers, ranchers, and artisan producers throughout our region. Sound interesting? Peek inside a Locavore Box! Click here to see if we deliver in your area. And don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.