If you are looking for a fun and scenic excursion, consider hitting the road and heading towards Bow/Edison.

We passed through a few weeks ago on the way home from Anacortes and, after hearing rave reviews from folks around Facebook, decided to stop off for tacos at Mariposa. I am so glad we did!

Mariposa is located where Farm to Market Bakery used to be, right in "downtown" Edison and is run by the same folks who operate Tweets. You can't miss this funky little spot, decked out with colorful umbrellas and a rainbow of ribbons hanging from the steel bar counter.

Inside the tiny building you will find the day's menu written on a giant chalkboard hung on metallic silver walls. It's a small yet impressive selection with a variety of tacos, burritos and tortas filled with not-so-standard combinations. We had the Chile-Cheddar Mashed Potato Taco, Carnitas Torta and kid friendly Fish Taco {with extra mango!} and Watermelon Aguafresca. Everything was fresh, handmade and fantastic. 

If you're looking for quick road trip that ends in a great meal, take the drive to Mariposa.

14003 Gilmore Road
Bow, WA

Friday - Monday, noon to 7pm

Never visited Bow/Edison before? Be sure to check out our friends at Breadfarm for fresh baked bread and treats. 

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