I choose to eat local first for a number of reasons.  One I want to know that my family is eating clean food and that I am doing my part to support cleaner farms, creeks, rivers + air.  Two, I really dislike processed food (except chips) and if I eat primarily local food, I am avoiding all preservatives, artificial coloring and flavors, and I won't be consuming strange chemicals.  And lastly, I would rather spend my time doing something fun rather than grocery shopping at stores that have a "broad" definition of local + clean.

For my family, the key to eating local and actually saving money is to ensure I purchase enough food to stock my kitchen and keep us out of the store and eating out too much.  I rarely order the same thing every week because I like to mix it up, but take a peak inside my order this week... it's pretty amazing!!

Aug 14th Beyond the Basics Box


The new Beyond the Basics Box is my absolute favorite thing EVER!!! Pure brilliance + fun!  This week it was loaded with the most amazing nectarines, two pints of blueberries, fresh pico de gallo, homemade chips + tortillas from Tadeo's, a new breakfast protein cookie from the Bitter Baker, greek yogurt + cheddar from Samish Bay Cheese, cooked garbanzo beans to make hummus, and english cucumber and rainbow carrots to go with the dip, a dozen pasture raised eggs and a loaf of Breadfarm bread.  YUM YUM YUM!!!

Aug 14th Ultimate Salad Kit


My other new favorite thing is the Ultimate Salad Kit that is thoughtfully created by Chef Josh Silverman. I now add salads to dinner and I use it for quick work lunches. This week's kit include housemade caesar dressing, shredded parmesan, heirloom tomatoes from Cloud Mountain Farm, Breadfarm croutons, diced english cucumbers from Joe's Garden and crisp Romaine.  

Aug 14th Turf Box


This week my family has been invited to a few birthday parties (how fun for Ana) so I decided to go with a small locavore box this week and I ordered Turf. This week the box is full of amazing summer produce and I can't wait to make Crown S Ranch Burgers on Sesame Breadfarm Buns and I will probably serve that with Hopewell's Organic Sweet Corn, then I plan to use those ridiculous tomatoes with Lagana Pasta with a side salad of spicy greens, carrots + cucumbers, I'll use up my eggs making a vegetable fritta with gouda and another side salad, and lastly I'll make a lentil salad for lunches and have celery and peanut butter for snacks.  

I feel very fortunate that my house is full of amazing clean food and I only spent $149. Every penny of that stays in our community which makes me feel happy too.

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