In celebration of Eat Local Month, I've decided to chronicle my week of Eating Local using the ACME boxes that my family purchases. Check back during the week to get some ideas and tips on how to use our different boxes to feed your family for a week.

We always encourage new members to take two or three weeks and order a few different combinations of boxes to see what works best for their family and their lifestyle. For my family, a combination of the Chef Prepared Box, Small Locavore [either Surf or Turf] and the Beyond Box seems to be the perfect fit. With the addition of some simple pantry items and a couple things from the store we are set for the week. Here's how it plays out::


DINNER I brought the three boxes [Chef Prepared, Turf and Beyond] home. That night we ate the first prepared meal, Zucchini Corn + Shrimp Cakes with Poblano Leek Cheese Sauce and Cumin Roasted Carrots + Broccoli.


BREAKFAST No school today and we took the extra time to make the Bitter Baker Biscuits that came with our Chef Prepared Box. We ate them toasty warm, spread with Honey Butter [also from Chef Prepared Box] and Spiced Plum Jam [from the Beyond Box] and a side of sliced Nectarines [also from the Beyond Box

LUNCH For lunch we played catch up and made a meal from last week's Locavore Box - BLT's! The Little Locavore enjoyed a BLT "slider" on one of the Potato Rolls from the Beyond Box while I had a standard BLT and the Locavore Baby had leftover Zucchini Corn + Shrimp Cakes. 

 SNACK In the afternoon we shared a simple snack of Bellewood Acres Peanut Butter on Breadfarm Graham Crackers with Sliced Honeycrisp Apples

DINNER Out to a friends house!


BREAKFAST We had a quick, protein packed breakfast before the Little Locavore's first soccer game. egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches with sliced apples [eggs, jack cheese and apples from the Beyond Box and leftover biscuits from Friday morning's breakfast]

LUNCH As soon as I tasted the Poblano Leek Cheese Sauce that was served with the Shrimp Cakes Prepared Meal, I knew it would make an awesome Mac + Cheese. I cooked up a package of Bellingham Pasta Co. Fusilli that we didn't use last week and tossed half with the leftover cheese sauce. The grown-ups ate that [with a Bellingham Beer Week Wheat Ale!] while the kiddos had their pasta mixed with leftover sloppy joe filling from a Locavore Meal earlier in the week and we all had cucumber slices.

DINNER We were invited to a little last minute neighborhood potluck on Saturday night. I cooked up the the Penne Pesto Meal from the Turf Box, added lots of cherry tomatoes from garden and brought it to share. 

Stay tuned for more posts this week!

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