LocalGinger from Terra Verde Farm in Everson!


This week's Locavore Boxes contain ginger -  a truly unique specialty crop from Terra Verde farm right here in Whatcom County! Ginger is usually found in much warmer climates than ours, but Amy and Skuter Fontaine carefully grow their ginger in a toasty warm greenhouse just up the road in Everson. 

Along with leeks from Ralph's Greenhouse in Mt Vernon and carrots from Hopewell Farm in Everson, this ginger is going to be flavoring a warm and comforting Carrot Ginger Soup. 

Ginger growing in Terra Verde's greenhouse


Skuter, Amy and Baby Rudy Fontaine of Terra Verde Farm



The ginger is harvested young, before the outer layer of the root [technically a rhizome] toughens and browns like the ginger we are used to seeing in the store, and therefore need not be peeled prior to use. Just wipe the root with a wet paper towel to remove any scaly pieces or dirt.

The attached stalk and leaves can be used in cooking as well. Cut the stalks into 2" or 3" segments and use whole to flavor soups, broths, or when cooking rice. Be sure to remove the stalk before serving. You could also brew up some soothing ginger tea with these stalks. Freeze any leftover stalks for later use.

Keep ginger fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks or freeze for up to a year. You can either freeze the entire root or mince or grate then freeze in small portions. 

I know I will be making a gingery chicken stock using the bones from the half chicken in my Locavore Box and freezing it to use later this winter. Yum!

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